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Duolingo on shared devices

[deactivated user]

    Hello! I am using Duolingo in my Spanish classes as a differentiated supplement outside of the classroom. As we were setting up their accounts during class time this week, students were having issues with logging in and out of their accounts on the school's tablets (I believe they are Android tablets). Every time they would open the Duolingo app or the website on the tablets, it would ask the student what language they wanted to learn, if they were learning for school, and then how long they wanted to learn for. It would then ask them if they wanted to start with the basics or if they wanted to take a placement test. No where on the screen was there an option to skip these steps or to log in. This was very frustrating as it took time away from the students' practice time.

    Does anyone know of how to log in without having to go through these steps every time?

    Thanks in advance!

    September 12, 2019



    What you describe is the function to create a new account.

    There should be another link saying “I already have an account” or something similar, and that takes you to the login page.

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