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I have to say good bye to this forum.

I have to say good bye to this forum because I do not like to get told that I post overly sexual or profane things while users of varying ages visit this forum and this without being told what I shall have done wrong.

So I want to thank everybody who supported me or told his honest opinion and maybe I could help the one or another time a bit too.

In addition: I am thankfull that I could learn what was unreasonable. But the way how people handle thinks here shows me that my solution for leaving this forum was the right one. I have no desire to get treated in this way again. I prefer to speak to each other and tell what everybody has on their mind. Only then we can learn what we should do differently.

September 12, 2019



Hello Elke,

I would like to explain: I have reported the post under which I wrote "Why do you post these immensely cruel words?" in your "Fascinating Arabic" thread.

The sermon that you quoted in your post described (hell) torture scenes in awful detail.

My worry was that children who are present at Duolingo, as we know, might see these awful descriptions.

This is because when I was younger, descriptions of this kind would make me suffer. When I was younger, I would feel the pain that was described, and these scenes would haunt me for days or even weeks.

Today, I can think that these are just horrible words. But as a young person, I was not able to distance my inner feelings from these impressions.

I thought that it would be better if Duolingo protected young people who are like I was from these words. That's what Duolingo did. And for that, I'm grateful.

I hope you can understand. Thank you.


Haven't seen those, thankfully! ;A; (Well, only on certain users' descriptions because they were needed to be blocked asap...)

Did you block & downvote them? Over-downvotes rushes the MODS over to check this out. Also, you can block a user in their profile -> faint gear at the top.

Will you post your own posts, at least?

I hope you'd return soon to see how much this improved& GL! :D


But they told that my recent post is written in those way. So no, I am not going to post sth new anymore. I never can know what they like or not because they are not telling exactly which post was wrong.


oh, I don't remember seeing such a post by you. If they can't provide a link then they are most likely bluffing... idk. GL ;v;


Honestly, and I do not remember to write such a post too. I just spoke about this with another one from this forum and he can not understand this too.


Don't go you would be missed don't let anyone shut out your voice. Not here and not anywhere.


Thank you for your encouraging words.


I hope they worked;)

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