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"Saya memikirkan tentang surat kamu."

Translation:I think about your letter.

September 12, 2019



"Tentang" is not necessary right? Because "memipirkan" already means "thinking about". "Tentang" would only be necessary if we used "berpikir", right? Which leads me to my next question, why do many verbs have an intransitive and a transitive form like this one?


Yes, "tentang" here is unnecessary.

I don't understand your next question. Why shouldn't they have both forms, if they are necessary in expressing your thoughts?


I can't think of an example right now, but I thought that transitive verbs can also be used like intransitive verbs, so without an object. But maybe I was wrong and that is just the case in English.


Ah, I understand now. I think you're right. In English there are many verbs that serve both as transitive and intransitive verbs, like "sail" or "hurt". Or, it has completely different words, like "rise" and "raise".

In Indonesian, as you've observed, there are usually different forms for transitive and intransitive, but with the same root words. We have berlayar/melayarkan, sakit/menyakiti, and naik/menaikkan.


And some things that look like transitive verbs are actually adjectives and don't require an object. For example, /Dia membosankan./ Looks like a transitive, active verb, right? But it means "He is boring." Doesn't require an object because it's functionally an adjective here. Or /Dia mengandung./ is a way of saying "She is pregnant."

Grammatically, looks like a verb. Functionally, actually an adjective.

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