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Working with students illiterate in L1

Hello, I teach newcomer ELD (English Language Development) to newcomers to the US. Many of my students have had little or no formal education, and I have a few students who have no literacy in their first language. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for using Duolingo when working with students not literature in their L1.

Thank you, Abigail Dunn

September 12, 2019

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That is a great question! I might suggest that you do Duolingo stories with these students. Some earlier levels have just been added that (sadly) have English comprehension questions, but once they get to set four or so (depending on the language), all the comprehension questions are in Spanish, French, or German.

And then, of course, outside of Duolingo, have them read, read, read.

Tell us what other tips and tricks you come across!

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