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  5. "Running is fun also."

"Running is fun also."

Translation:اَلْجَري مُمْتِع أَيْضاً.

September 13, 2019



This is NOT a discussion. I could not even guess at the meaning; but also, I don't like to guess. I don't care what YOU (whoever) think of me and, at this moment, I feel stupid. Nevertheless, and regardless, I feel I am making (VERY) slow progress.


Don't let yourself get discouraged. Arabic is not inherently difficult. What makes it difficult for westerners is the new script and the fact that the grammar is just nothing like what we're used to when we learn foreign languages. Plus there are no cognates or, at least, very few.

Also, guessing is a big part of language learning. There's no way around that, and you just have to get used to it. The less you fight that, the faster you will learn.

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