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  5. "Togam candidam vendere vult."

"Togam candidam vendere vult."

Translation:He wants to sell the white toga.

September 13, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Vult can be translated as both he wishes and he wants


    Vult versus velit?


    It is the same verb:

    Vult is 3rd person singular indicative

    Velit is 3rd person singular subjunctive

    So, vult= he/she/it wishes/wants and velit= he/she/it would wish/want, that sounds more natural as "would like"

    Source for conjugation

    A literal translation is rarely good, and a good translation is rarely literal


    Isn't vult an equivalent to non (the singular 3rd person of nōlo)? and isn't nōlo a contraction of non + vŏlo, therefore meaning to be unwilling/to wish not to?

    [deactivated user]

      Here is the indicitive present conjugations of Nolo, Nelle- to be unwilling/to wish not to

      Nolo / nolumus/ Non vis / non vultis/ Non vult / nolunt


      Thank you, maybe I was confused because this dictionary separates non vis and non vult with commas.

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