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  5. "vavlI' SoSlI' je tIquvmoH."

"vavlI' SoSlI' je tIquvmoH."

Translation:Honor your father and your mother.

September 13, 2019



I mentioned this on another question too, but I thought "quv" was a state verb, so it can't take an object. And in this case, it's even clearer that the author is intending it to take an object, because of the "tI-" prefix. But "quv" is more "be honored", than it is the verb "Honor" used in this (religious) phrase (as the recommended answer suggests). Am I just misunderstanding something about "quv"


Okay, I'm mistaken. boQwI' does mention quvmoH as a separate entry which changes kind of verb? Am I correct in saying something like -moH on a state verb, turns that verb into a verb which can take an object. So the phrase qirq XmoH lurSa (where X is a verb which doesn't take an object is like saying Lursa causes Kirk to [be] X?



Doq 'Iw Blood is red

bIQ DoqchoHmoH 'Iw Blood turns the water red.

nagh DoqmoH 'uSqan Iron makes the rocks red.

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