"A los niños les gusta jugar en la playa."

Translation:The children like to play on the beach.

5 years ago



When can "jugar" mean to gamble and when can't it? I just got a question wrong because I didn't include "to gamble" as a correct translation and now it is saying I can't use it. (Not that I approve of children gambling on beaches...)

5 years ago


Hello, I am Spanish, and I study english.

You can to say "jugar" in spanish, always, as when there is money (bet, to gamble), as when there is not money (play).

bet...to gamble = "apostar" = "jugar"

5 years ago


Maybe I'm a bit "tonto" here, but I don't get why los niños gusta, and not gustan. Los niños is clearly plural.

4 years ago
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