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Maltese Language Resources

In this discussion, I was promoting the Maltese language for the Incubator, and, as you will see, two people have applied for it. So if you are Maltese, please do!

But anyway, seeing as Maltese is not on Duolingo, for now we will have to resort to inferior sources. Some of them, however, should be very helpful. Here are some:

  • Memrise. This gives you a word or phrase along with a 'mem' to help you remember the word/phrase. You can see some Maltese courses here. This website is better for vocabulary rather than actually becoming fluent.

  • This channel on Youtube. It includes speech from a Maltese speaker, and is pretty good from what I have seen.

  • This is called iLanguages. Despite the terrible sound quality, you could take down some of the vocabulary into a notebook to help you remember it.

  • I find that this one is quite good. It is called Surface Languages. It is seems to be mostly for people going to Malta. Go to the grey box at the side that says 'Maltese Phrases'. The audio is great.

  • One that I found here is called Wikitravel. If you are going to Malta, you could print off these phrases to make a phrasebook. It gives the phonetic pronunciation of the words and phrases, which is very handy.

  • There are always apps like this one, the one con being that it is the only payed resource listed here. They should also help with phrases. And if you want to immerse yourself there are two great options:

Download free Maltese radio stations from the App Store, or...

Go to Malta!

I hope these are helpful, and fingers crossed that Maltese will reach the Incubator soon! If anyone else has any other resources, please share.

June 19, 2014



As a Brit I'll support a Maltese course! :) You always give us a point on Eurovision :P Maltese is also an interesting mix of languages....


Haha! Yes it is, mostly Arabic and some Italian, with a few influences from English and a tiny bit of French. All it's missing is German!


Sounds like a beautiful language :) what sort of script do you write in, Arabic looks scary! is Maltese script a bit easier to read ?


Don't worry, it's the Latin script, not Arabic. A-Z. But there are a few different letters which you will find if you go here.


Thanks for those Youtube vids, they look good! I like the accent as well :)


My grandma was Maltese and from Mosta. I lived there for a while and struggled trying to learn the language. I found one small book for sale in Valletta, but of course that is not enough to the learn the language, so I gave up.


That's a sad story. You're right though, it isn't an easy language. But would you try it if it was released on Duolingo?


I created memrise courses, I am maltaboy1997 for maltese courses :D


I use your courses every day. Thank you!


Could you get some audio on there? :D


I grew up in Malta and holiday there very year.I would definitely use the Duolingo service if it were offered.


I would use the Maltese course if it was added to Duolingo. My mother is Maltese, but has lived in U.K. Since a baby and does not speak the language. It would be useful as we holiday frequently in Malta, so please, bring it on!


I would use a maltese course!


Tinycards by duolingo is another good resource for learning Maltese. Users create flashcards and you can share them, search for Maltese and there's a few there. Here's a link to one I created to help me with the colours https://tiny.cards/decks/QksQsvWa/maltese-colours


I made a Memrise course based on the materials from my formal Maltese for Foreigners Level 1 course:


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