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"The short rains season is in October and November"

Translation:Vuli ni mwezi wa kumi na mwezi wa kumi na moja

September 13, 2019



Vuli isn't in the lesson material or the tool tips. It isn't even in Google Translate. I spent 20 minutes researching before I found it so i could answer this question. I guess the developers just expect us to learn by failing.


This on-line dictionary (TUKI) should reduce your search time to less than 20 seconds:



(But, note that the letter "S" in English-Swahili returns an empty page).

vuli nm [i-/zi-] short rainy season: Mvua za ~ short rains.

PS: Google translate is terrible and utterly unreliable for Swahili.


why can't just "vuli" be used. Answer says it's "Msimu wa vuli"

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