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"some buckets"

Translation:kekahi mau pākeke

September 13, 2019



"kekahi mau pakini" is wrong??? So the last lesson set before this one was calling the bucket "pakini". And you know how you gotta do it like a hundred times you just never forget the word "pakini". So I've been banging out this lesson set but I figure, why not be a rebel and give it a try. And you know what, "pakini" is wrong. how u figure that?


In the previous lesson bucket was translated as “pakini” and now this is wrong , and the translation is “pākeke”, I can’t understand why.


It just depends on how quickly the DLHawaiian team adds things to the list of accepted answers in the computer. If they are slow to put in additional sentences you will be marked wrong until they get around to it AND they don''t look at the discussions, so no use complaining here :-(


They accepted "pakini" July 3, 2020.

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