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"Minerva scutum et hostem videt."

Translation:Minerva sees a shield and an enemy.

September 13, 2019



Scutum: isn't only a Roman shield, and of a given shape, or this word was used more generally, for all the shields, even with another shape, and from another culture?

Lewis & Short tells me it's only "An oblong shield, made of boards fastened together, and covered with leather, a buckler", and Gaffiot says it was first oval & convex, and later, elongated and hollow, like a ridge tile.

How to call the hostium scuta?


Good idea, use the enemies as shields.


What is the verb form of shield?


I didn't find, and I think "to shield" exists only in English, as a verb.


I could suggest either contego, contegere, contexi, contectus or concustodio, concustodire, concustodivi, concustoditus both of which have secondary meanings to do with sheltering or protecting; but await confirmation from more experienced learners - I am a mere beginner.


You could just use "defendo, defendare."

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