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"Minerva scutum et hostem videt."

Translation:Minerva sees a shield and an enemy.

September 13, 2019



Good idea, use the enemies as shields.


Scutum: isn't only a Roman shield, and of a given shape, or this word was used more generally, for all the shields, even with another shape, and from another culture?

Lewis & Short tells me it's only "An oblong shield, made of boards fastened together, and covered with leather, a buckler", and Gaffiot says it was first oval & convex, and later, elongated and hollow, like a ridge tile.

How to call the hostium scuta?


What is the verb form of shield?


I could suggest either contego, contegere, contexi, contectus or concustodio, concustodire, concustodivi, concustoditus both of which have secondary meanings to do with sheltering or protecting; but await confirmation from more experienced learners - I am a mere beginner.


I didn't find, and I think "to shield" exists only in English, as a verb.


As a modern Romance speaker, it amazes me the easily accepted that is to convert nouns into verbs in English, but it is not natural in all languages.


You could just use "defendo, defendare."


"Minerva sees a shield and enemy" is not acceptable?

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Is there any reason why you cannot use the definite article as in: the shield and/or the spear


Exactly my question


I think "Minerva sees the enemy and shield." should be accepted. Reported Jul/02/2021


I cannot reach the continue button. I have to restart the section to progress.


I've had this a couple of times. Each time I think it was because my device needed to be restarted. But in any case, once I'd redone the whole thing, it did let me go on.

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