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  5. "أَخي وَصَديقَتهُ جودي"

"أَخي وَصَديقَتهُ جودي"

Translation:my brother and his friend Judy

September 13, 2019



His friend is male, but still they use the ta marbuta. Or is that because it is referring to Judy (who is female and thus they add the ta marbuta)


Your guess is correct. Friend is referring to Judy and she is female.


What makes you say his friend is male, when it has ta marbuta AND his name is Judy?


Akhii sadiiqatuh judii, the last consonant in sadiiqatuh is not ta_marbuta. It's 'ahu' a typical male-ending with damma-accent-sign. His friend is referring to my brother, not to Judy.


Zakaria, surely it's sadiiqatuhu, not sadiiqatuh? Since the damma is on top of the ه.


Thanks, i missed that there are no dots on the so-called 'ahu', so it is not ta marbuta indeed


There's no word in Arabic for girlfriend in a romantic sense as typically there's no such thing as a romantic girlfriend in old Arabic culture. A girl goes from acqiantance to fiance'. There's no in-between.


does sadiq(a) have any romantic associations involved?


No, it just means friend


Ah, on friend صديق I can add ت to mean a female friend صديقت (leaving it as صديق implies male friend), and then after that I can add 'my' ي or 'his' ه or 'her' ها or 'your' ك as suffixes. So we must be very specific.

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