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Student Progress Inaccurate

I have set up classes for my students and usually I can see the whole class progress with the colors (blue, green, red, orange, green check mark), but it isn't updating regularly, even though I can see their activity logs and their completion. Is there something wrong with the class progress? Thanks

September 13, 2019



I'm having this same problem. When some students show me their device, I can see that they have a crown, but the class progress bar is showing me that they haven't completed it.


I am also having this issue! I've had to go back and correct half of my students grades?!


How have you been grading your students assignments. I have had to check all of their individual progress timelines. It makes it very difficult to check quickly. I'm thinking of having the kids send me a screenshot of their crowns, but I'm nervous that they will send me a screenshot of someone else's crowns.


I used to be able to check on the class progress screen (just a quick run down of the topics), but it's not accurate anymore. My students have had to physically check in with me, which is annoying and takes up a lot of time! I'm not sure why they aren't addressing this issue?!


Totally agree. I'm not sure why it's not being fixed. Frustrating for sure. I think it is on the developers side. I used to check my students the same way, much faster. Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. Have you sent a bug report to them yet? Maybe we need to flood them with emails.


Moderator KevinR86's comment:

Could you please write teachers@duolingo.com and provide the names of the students that this is occurring with? I'm happy to investigate.


Has there been any progress? This is making giving assignments difficult. Thanks


I sent an email. It is the whole classes progress bar with the colored circles.

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