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  5. "Familiares visito."

"Familiares visito."

Translation:I visit relatives.

September 13, 2019



for some reason it doesn't accept "I visit family" which I would thing means the same thing


Yep, just report "my answer should have been accepted"


Family is not equal to relatives


Is there a reason "I visit family" is not accepted? I reported that it should be, but I'm not 100% sure I'm right about that.


My answer was "I visit friends," translating "familiares" as "friends." I cite Cassell's, which treats familiaris, is as a substantive noun of the third declension and gives a primary definition of "a familiar friend." In addition, of course, the corpus of work comprising Cicero's letters to various friends not named Atticus bears the title "ad familiares." Most correspondents were not related to him.


exactly, i put my relatives, but as my isn't specifically stated i'm not supposed to assume i guess and thus it was marked wrong.


As they accepted "He visited his relatives" when the "his" was implied in the Latin sentence, I'm confident they'll add this answer later. Just report with the button & wait.


They should accept "my relatives" as a correct answer.


For some reason I have an extremely difficult time hearing what the female speaker is saying.

it sounds like "talme virares visito" or something like that. shrugs.

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