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"Ke hoʻolohe nei ʻo ia i kēlā wahine."

Translation:She is listening to that woman.

September 13, 2019



"she listens to that woman" is wrong?? English is hard enough to get right so I feel like I gotta learn two languages at that same time when I'm learning Hawaiian here. But is "listens" and "is listening" not the same level of verb tense. An active verb action happening right now?


ʻAe, if you remember from initial lessons where there was no verb tense, it would just be "Hoʻolohe ʻo ia i kēlā wahine." This was translated to "She listens to that woman."

The "Ke...nei" word combination means that the action is happening at this very moment (right now). In English, you have to add "is" and conjugate​ the verb with an "-ing" ending.


Mahalo Kekoa for the clarification.


Yikes! Still focused on kēlā / kēnā differentiation in translating to English.

I wrote "She is listening to that (far) woman."

This is no longer a necessary clarification in this set of lessons?

Is it considered an error?

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