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"Very many clients visit the house."

Translation:Plurimi clientes villam visitant.

September 13, 2019



What would it be with domus? Plurimi clientes domi visitant?


I think "domi visitant" would be "They visit in the house" = something else, but not the house.
Accusative of "domus" is domus, so "Domus visitant" should be okay.


Actually, the accusative singular is "domum", so "Plurimi clientes domum visitant.".


At this point I am annoyed. There were many sentences where they insisted that we put "emptor" for "client" .. and I stubbornly continued to use "cliens," and pressed the "report" button so the contributors would add it. "Emptor" has a better translation, after all: buyer.

Now I am doing a test and I really wanted to get it perfect, so I remembered to put in "emptori." (Plurimi emptori villam visitant). And Duo marked it wrong! Now he wants plurimi clientes.

Did I perhaps make some different mistake? Errrg... so angry...

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