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request to Navajo contributors

People are having lots of trouble with this exercise: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29326392

I think I understand the problem. If I'm correct, all that needs to be done is add "naaki yáál" to the database as an alternative solution. It looks the same as the answer provided, but the encoding of the characters is different, so the standard ways one would use to type the answer (the provided character menu or a keyboard that can type "á") don't yield what was entered originally. It looks the same to us, but not to a computer.

September 13, 2019



It is not a error. Navajo in a text based language is somewhat new. So trying to explain that some words like money, education, government, and even numbers may sound the same and even look alike. However, they are completely different from each other. Like money, the words for it were only introduce when money was introduced to the Navajo people. So they combine already known words to adapt to it.

As a Navajo we were taught this in class. In high school our Navajo language teacher was one of the makers of the Navajo Alphabet. She help develop some words to fit the economy and present day things. She explain that people were confuse on what to say for things like quarter, truck, or even toilet. It wasn't until like a least 50 years or so until common words were made and 30 years or so when the language was officially put in text. Today there are many new words and even changes.

Hope this help clear things up. Keep up the learning to! -Jalen


How long ago was high school for you? Because the current version of the Latin alphabet for Navajo was created in between the 1930s - 1940s as far I as I can tell.

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