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Another thank you post, UvU

"Psittaci ebrii sunt animalia pessima." - last sentence I got before earning my last crown in Latin xD

It has been a pleasure! This is the first course I've ever done while in beta; many of my suggestions have been accepted as correct translations. I would like to apologize for any suggestions that weren't correct. It's unfortunate that I never took Latin in high school, but this course was quite the satisfying intro.

Grātiās vōbīs agō, to the contributors, and everyone else who's a part of our budding community here on Duolingo <3. Special thanks to The9 for creating the golden owl.

Looking forward to more tips & notes, new skills, a toga owlfit, and some tinycards support would also be appreciated :D

September 13, 2019

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Congratulations! Also omg @ "UvU" …I love it

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