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Arabic course is awful

The Arabic course not only is not good but actually it is AWFUL and I'll tell you why.

Duolingo focused too much on the Arabic script and pronunciation. it should focus more on Language structure and new words.

Someone who is trying to learn Arabic using Duolingo have to spend 60 percent of the time on learning sounds and pronunciation and scripts. and I'm telling you, it is boring! you have to do really ridiculous exercises over and over again just to learn "how Duolingo use English to write Arabic!! "

And one more thing to assure you that this course has nothing to teach you (or at least not enough): I finished Arabic course easily (got through all checkpoints) , simply because I know some primary words and know how to pronounce Arabic words!

Make something like French course. It's Perfect. Or like Chinese. i'm sure that Arabic Script isn't harder then Chinese!

September 13, 2019



I actually think it is rather good. I have lived and worked in an Arabic speaking countries for a long time. Many years ago I taught myself the script and I could communicate on a very basic level. In recent years having moved to a more developed Arabic speaking country, much to my shame, my Arabic has shrunk to a few stock phrases and I have forgotten the script. I have found that the approach taken on the duolingo course has helped me to retrieve some of the Arabic I had forgotten and I'm sure in the long run it will improve it. I've only been studying it for a week, so it is early days, but so far, I am impressed.


I understand it would be discouraging for new learners but I really wish they had put all the writing lessons at the very beggining so people who can already read could just skip them. Hopefully the future modules won't have any.


I was sure that they are going to add new skills soon, but they got the Arabic course out of beta so early. I know that they will probably add skills anyway, but I really don't like the fact that they felt confident enough in the course to take it out of the Beta. I am, however, still thankful to the contributors.


I agree with you. But for a beginner who knows nothing about Arabic sounds a time of 3 to 6 months is logical to learn how to read and write and pronounce Arabic sounds. This tree is in beta and since it not full it should be longer and more difficult than the German tree for instance, considering grammar and declension system etc. Arabic is a difficult language including the sounds and the alphabet for sure. I guess one of the most difficult ones.


I agree with you. Before I started the Arabic course I didn't know anything about Arabic and the repeating things over and over again helps.


"The Arabic course not only is not good but actually it is AWFUL"

Not only do I not agree, I don't see that you've justified either using the word 'awful' or capitalizing it.


Fair enough. sorry 'bout that! maybe I just expect much more from Duolingo.


It suits me just fine as it is. When I started the Arabic course my objective was only to learn the script and not to learn the language. All the language I have learnt so far is a bonus. If I wanted to learn the language in detail I would probably look for other materials to help, but this course suits my needs very well.

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