Thank you Algarve11, you can block the leagues!

Dear Algarve11:

You are the best....may you and your children's children be blessed for many years!

(see) post .... and follow any of the suggestions listed and you too can be league free.

As a person who has OCD and found the leagues too much...this was the solution and it works. If I can do it ANYONE can. After months of struggling and finally about to give up and leave language learning forever, I finally mustered the courage today and did fix #3. It worked, the leagues are blocked from sight and I can go back to learning without being distracted.

For those of you who can manage without having to use this fix...all I say is "more power to ya" but I couldn't. Now I can once again focus and go back to my own learning style. I lost my streak of nearly 80 days...but that's okay, I will begin again with new resolve.

Thank you once again for this's a life saver (and I am not joking). Okay I need to get a life but truly it's great not to have that league box in my face.

BTW the final straw for me...I waited to join the league this morning (with 2 days left) and I did one lesson and had 10 xps. I did another lesson and was in the top 3, then I did one more lesson and had dropped to #20. The top person now had 80xps in the 15 minutes it took me to do 3 lessons, and I had 30. I'd had it with the stupid leagues and being totally distracted to compete and learning nothing. That was the moment I gathered my courage and did the fix. I'm only sorry I waited so long!

September 13, 2019


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One more thing:

  1. Hiding the Leagues panel without using an ad blocker (this method was invented by @dlhgl and @testmoogle. You can read the original comment here).

I missed this and Algarve11 pointed it out to big, huge thanks to dlhgl and testmoogle too. You also rock!

September 13, 2019

You are welcome! Thanks a lot for your kind words. :)

September 13, 2019

Dear Algarve11,

Sending a meme and then erase the comment is kind of not nice!

If you stand strong on your opinions say whatever you have to say with respect as anybody else. You are also entitled to your opinions, of course.

In Spanish this is called: "tirar la piedra y esconder la mano" and doesn't speak very well about the person who does that. We can start a nice debate and probably find a solution to this. :-)

I mean my comment:

Have a lovely day!

October 3, 2019

@Wowa269009. I posted that stupid meme and after one or two minutes I realised how stupid it was and hurried back to delete it. I delete my comments only if I realise that there was something wrong in them. I ask your forgiveness for posting that meme - I posted it not out of malice, but simply because I was tired and was reading the hundredth complaint about Duolingo.

Sorry. That was really low of me. And just to make it clear, none of the downvotes that you got are from me.

Good luck with your studies.

October 3, 2019
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