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How does one type in Ukrainian if one only has an English QWERTY keyboard?!

I was trying to do today’s Ukrainian lesson but it kept asking me to type in Ukrainian! I have an IPhone with QWERTY keyboard! How does it work? It kept telling me that kit is incorrect for cat! Instructions would be helpful!

September 14, 2019



Hello. I am typing this from a computer so I don't have exact instructions but:

When you have your normal QWERTY keyboard open (ready for typing), in the bottom left-hand corner there should be a globe looking shape. Press and hold that icon and a list of the keyboards which you have selected should appear. At the top of that list, I believe there's a 'settings' option, or an equivalent. From there it should be quite straightforward to getting there.

If I wasn't clear, hopefully this will help: https://www.imore.com/how-customize-keyboard-iphone-and-ipad

Good luck ^^


Yes, if you're using a phone it's a lot easier than on the computer, you just have to add a language to your keyboard as described above. Once you've done that it just takes a simple click of the globe button whenever you want to switch between English and Ukrainian.


If you do happen to want to try on your computer, you can download the language and then use the "virtual keyboard" feature that most computers have as part of accessibility options. That way you can see what the layout of the keys is on your screen (since your QWERTY keyboard doesn't have the Cyrillic key labels). There are also options for keyboard covers or key label stickers, if the virtual keyboard isn't your thing.

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