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Option to Report lessons you do not understand.

On the ¨Report" screen, I wish there was an option to report ¨I know my answer is not correct, but I don´t understand WHY my answer is not correct.¨ This could allow the developers to understand which wrong answers are caused by lack of understanding (as opposed to simple mistakes) and offer explanations at the point they would be helpful.

September 14, 2019



If you look at the comments you will often see why some answers are not accepted.


That is exactly what the sentence discussions are for. Just write what you thought the answer was, and ask "Why is this wrong?" and folks will help explain it, or give you links to good grammar resources that will help you understand.


I posted this comment precisely because I had just done that. And the discussion already had half a dozen people with exactly the same question I had, and no answers.


Or like "MARK this sentence" as difficult and put it into a "discuss with tutor" or "saved difficult sentences" tabs (or both).

I often have the feeling that I would like to make use of discussion a sentence because of some specific complexity with a tutor - like with a Plus feature when I still have no idea from the "sentence discussion" (reading previous comments, not understanding their posted alternative solutions or when I have no clue how I should formulate my question in the discussion).

I really miss a advanced feature like this on Duolingo AND Memrise.
Memrise often shows me practical sentences / phrases but I do not always 100% understand the shown grammar or introduced complexity.


I think "Follow discussion" option in the sentence is doing that, in a good-enough manner. Keep in mind there are no payd moderators in this community. To put such an option to sentences for all users means to give a strong tool to harrassers of moderators and contributors. The Plus sign is not a guarantee that the owner is a kind and educated person. Also, perhaps a little personal research when you don't understand something will help you to grow up. A course with personal tutor is never free or almost free.

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