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  5. "You write literature."

"You write literature."

Translation:Litteras scribis.

September 14, 2019



Whats the difference between litteris and litteras?


litterīs is the dative and ablative plural form. litterās is the accusative plural form.

litterās is often used as the direct object for a verb, but you have (likely) seen the use of the verb studēre which usually takes the dative like a 'direct object' instead of the accusative.

litterīs latīnīs studēo -> I study Latin literature.

litterās latīnās legō -> I read Latin literature.


I am wondering the same thing. I can't determine why one is used instead of the other in certain situations.


is it possible to regard literature as singular instead of plural? So instead of plural accusative 'litteras' you use singular accusative 'litteram'. Would it still make sense to use that or no?


Literature in singular means a letter. It doesn't sound right to me.


oh ok, so I guess it's always in plural then besides for denoting a letter.


Why was scribitis not accepted?


It's because the use of "tu" indicates that they are talking to one person

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