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  5. "a pretty American name"

"a pretty American name"

Translation:اِسْم أَمْريكِيّ جَميل

September 14, 2019



Is there any clear rule why 'pretty' here cannot go before 'american'? This was considered wrong with my answer.


When translating a list of adjectives between English and Arabic, I have found that the list gets reversed in order. If the adjectives are around the word "and" they stay in the same order around the word "and"


There are several rules concerning place of adjectives in English, but the simplest rule to apply here is "Adjectives describing opinions come before Adjectives describing facts". pretty is an opinion, whereas American is a fact.


Hi AmineHadji1. I like your answer but should'nt it be contrary: "Adjectives describing opinions come after Adjectives describing facts"? Ism Amriiki jamila


as far as i am aware, there is a general rule stating "the more factual the attribute, the closer to the noun that is described, whether preposition or in postposition"

but what is an american name? tlaloc?


Once again, jamil sounds like janeed

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