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Latin: the dramatic reading

The readers for Latin, particularly the woman, put an extra effort in expressiveness. She positively thunders "Tu non est pater!!!!!", for example.

This is all well, and good, and amusing, but only the first time. The third time it's annoying and the fifth time it's off-putting. For the next recording session, you might consider a somewhat more neutral delivery.

September 14, 2019



A couple of things to remember here, a) people will complain no matter how it's done. If it was always neutral it would be "too bland," if it's impassioned then it's "too enthusiastic" b) the contributors aren't professional voice actors, using professional grade microphones, (I literally have to wait for my toddler to be in bed, or try to record stuff in between classes when the drama class behind me isn't being too loud) c) we get hundreds of pedantic complaints about accent, "this is too ecclesiastical" "this isn't ecclesiastical enough" "there is an American accent" "this sounds like an Italian!" so, no matter what we do, someone wont be happy.

My focus is on clear diction and approximate pronunciation, but hey, that's just me.


I'm italian and I studied Latin for more than 10 years. I really enjoy this new course that gave me the opportunity to refresh old memories..:) there are different ways of pronunciation for the latin language according to places, times, and social class (pls remember that Latin is call a "death Language") the official pronunciation usually tought at school it' s call the "ecclesiastical" from the IV /VI d. C. but there is also another pronunciation called the "classic" that was in use in Rome during the II a.C. to the I D.c.. So, please, just enjoy the opportunity to learn a little bit of this beautifull old language and don't worry for pronunciation. Thanks for this new course.. I hope you will add more lessons in future. P.s. I apologize for my english mistake.. :)


Your English mistakes are welcome here, it's impressive that you know/study at least three languages. Keep up the great work! For future reference, a.C. and d.C. are actually B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini) in English. And don't worry, I've seen plenty of native English speakers who make way more mistakes than you do.


My purpose really wasn't to put anyone down, least of all the people who put in this hard work. It's also true that you can never keep everyone happy, doubly so when the question is how a dead language is to be pronounced. All I wanted was to add perspective: we learners hear the same sentence a dozen times in a single sitting. After a while, I found myself cringing when certain sentences came up.

Not to worry, it's just a suggestion for the next overhaul, whenever that happens to be.


I know, I finished half of the course literally to level 5 half way through before becoming a contributor. It's on the docket for things to rework. One thing you can consider is doing 2-3 lessons at once. Do a level of one, then a different one, then a third one, back to the first, then to the third, and then the second, etc. Gets you a bit more variety. That's what I'm doing for the last lessons I have to max out.


Lest I seem ungrateful: putting in this sort of volunteer work just so that we freeloaders can learn a bit of Latin is extremely commendable. Kudos and thanks to the young lady doing the reading. But a bit less enthusiasm in the future, please...


Yes, the pronunciation is fine but the intonation is totally off. All sentences sound as if the speakers tried to invoke a demon. I must admit that Multae horae sunt gave me shivers.


That's what I feel, they always sound like harry Potter in a final fight, even when talking about trivial things. I'm doing the third level of lessons now and turning off the sound. Some other languages have a more varied vocabulary too, I think this would help. But, as said above, thanks a lot for the people doing this job, it was really a joy to find latin here :)

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