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हिंदी दिवस की शुभकामनाएँ - Happy Hindi Day!!

नमस्ते दोस्तों,

Today, the 14th of September is celebrated as हिंदी दिवस (Hindi Day) in India to celebrate the language and promote its use. It was on this day in 1949 that Hindi was declared an official language of the Indian government.

The historical and political reasons behind the celebration notwithstanding, I think this is as good a time as any for all of us to reflect upon our experiences with the Duolingo Hindi course and the language in general.

What is the story behind your decision to start learning Hindi and how has it been so far? Have you had a chance yet to use what you've learnt here in real life? Also, do share if you've recently come across Hindi movies/shows/stories/books/songs that you liked.

Happy Hindi Diwas and all the best on your language learning adventures!!

September 14, 2019



As for myself, Hindi is a language I strongly associate with my childhood because it was the language I grew up around and practically raised with. I started the course on a whim just to have a look around for a few minutes and see if it was good enough to recommend to friends who wanted to learn Hindi. However, hanging out in the forums and SDs has been so much fun and has been a great way to stay in touch with the language that I don't really get to use all that much in daily life. I've also learnt so much from the community here and I'm very thankful.


I started the Hindi course because I wanted to learn Sanskrit, because of my yoga practice. I thought it might help me learn to read and write in Devanagari and also get a better idea of the grammar. Hindi is very like Sanskrit in that there are sometimes surprisingly familiar words or grammatical constructs. Of course Dutch and French are also indo-european languages, but given that the relationship is quite distant, it is interesting, and funny too, to bump into unexpected similarities.

I now have more of a feel for the mantra's we sing in yoga class, because I recognise some of the words as well as the grammar. That makes them easier to remember and I don't have to use the mantra book so much.


I grew up eating Indian and Middle Eastern food, particularly vegan Israeli dishes. I love Indian culture and can cook really good Malai Kofta, navratan korma and other dishes w authentic naan. I also like Bollywood and I’m interested in the dharma especially Jain dharma and figures that embrace ahimsa like Sri Mahavira and Guru Nanak. My family had many friends from Chennai New Delhi and Bengaluru and they spoke Hindi as well as Kannada and some Tamil. my great uncle served in the British Indian army and ended up being converted and accepted by some high priests of a deity I rather not name since she scares me and I respect her. I’ve had Indian family friends talk with me and they all say I must’ve been some mystic or guru in my last life and I know that it’s important not to fall into an ego trap like that. I remember they were strict followers of Ganesh and Hanuman and the family tip toed around me as if I was someone important. My family thought they were joking but they weren’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was Indian but a guru? Idk lol So I guess what I’m saying is I know a lot and have a lot of connections in India and want to start with the melodic Hindi since it’s the most spoken (I understand primarily in the ‘Northern’ states). My family wants me to go to a religious University called a yeshiva and I’m not sure if I’ll take that route but if I do I would ask to be in one on the Indian subcontinent since I like having other religions to talk with to open my mind. I’m particularly impressed with the Jains and the Sikhs and love Hindus plus Hindi can help me understand Urdu which is good since where I live now there are a lot of Pakistanis migrating and going to medical school in my area. =) enough of my rambling lol Happy Hindi day!


Happy Hindi Diwas : ) It is a big day of celebration in my town (Grito de Dolores, Mexican day of independence) and I have just gotten back from the parade and dancing in time to do a little language study.

I am very new to Hindi study, so I thank everybody who is involved in the discussion boards. Your comments are so helpful! My family has always listened to a lot of Hindi music and watched films. It is exciting to understand the language better and better, and to realize that I had "picked up" more over the years than I thought I had ( ;


Dear VinayJi, your explanations have really helped me. I am learning Sanskrit and Shastra and even though for over 25 years I have been coming to India, and now spending more time there, I have never found the time for learn Hindi. This course was a great start and I notice that in conversations I can understand a little and can also express myself a little. But now how to continue? I have completed the course and am eager to learn more. Just repetition is fine but not enough. Is there any follow-up course, or what is the program after this introductory course? And are there any plans for a Sanskrit course? This would be super excellent!! Thank you, Duo Team!


I think the contributors are working on updating the Hindi tree so hopefully, we should soon have new/bigger lessons. In fact, all Duolingo trees are continuously being developed (I think I'm on my 4th French tree in the 2.5 years since I began working on it). Until then why not try the reverse tree (Learn English from Hindi)?

Totally with you on the Sanskrit course.

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Happy Hindi Day! Thank vinay92, the moderator for this topic. I wish I could enjoy Hindi films also by listening to it! Currently, I cannot enjoy the films without English or Japanese subtitles.


Hi Vinay,

I hope you had an enjoyable Hindi Day. I'm several days late as I've only just seen your post - better late than never.

I'm an absolute raw beginner, and I honestly can't remember why I suddenly decided that I needed to know some Hindi, but here we are. :)

At the moment I am mainly drilling the alphabet over and over, and very slowly piecing words and sentences together.

I'm not rushing forward as I need to compartmentalize this new language in my little brain for the moment, or it would get too confusing with my other commitments.


Hi Vinay, I completed hundred days of hindi class today and I feel that i have been around it now. Just before leaving I would like to thank you for your excellent answers and complete the last challenge of big spender.


Thanks for the lingots!! Hope you'll keep up with the language using other resources.


This year I made a post about Hindi Day and while I was just going through my post . This post came in the related discussions . So , I read it and realized last year you made a post about it . I joined duolingo few months ago. So , I could not read it earlier .The first line of our post is almost same :) It's late to wish but still- आपको भी हिंदी दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं !

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