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"Sunny weather is a good thing."

Translation:اَلْطَّقْس اَلْمُشْمِس شَيْء جَيِّد.

September 14, 2019



Hi there, why is it not: "the sunny weather"? Thanks!


Because in English, the article means you speak about a specific instance (e.g. "The sunny weather (of today) is ..."), whereas no article means you speak about a general concept (i.e. "Sunny weather (in general) is ..."). Such a distinction doesn't exist in Arabic, and without context both should be accepted. However, the latter is more likely to be what was originally intended.


I see, many thanks and have a nice Sunday!


When does one use 'jayiid' and when 'tayib'?


As far as I can see from these lessons, طيّب is used with food (rice, coffee, restaurant, etc.) and جيّد with pretty much anything else. I'm sure a native speaker can tell us in more detail what the connotations are.


What's wrong with طقس مشمس شيء طيب؟


I.e. Why do I need the definite article in front of طقس مشمس and why can't I use the word طيب instead of جيد?

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