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  5. "Vestimenta sunt in armario."

"Vestimenta sunt in armario."

Translation:The clothes are in the closet.

September 14, 2019



Wardrobe should be accepted as well as closet


Somewhat strange to place clothes in the closet


In America, "closet" has the same meaning as "wardrobe" in Britain, and armadio in Italian.


Spanish: armario, Portuguese armário, French: armoire.


Is "vestīmentum" normally used in the plural, just like the English word "clothes"?


No. It's not a specific noun like in English. But a regular noun, like you would say cat/cats, dress/dresses, etc...


It always amazes me how close the versions of English are in the USA and the UK, but how we still manage to confuse each other. The two-volume Oxford gives us "a small, secluded or secret room; a water-closet". The Prime Minister is closeted with the King means "in a private meeting with". Where's Gran? She's in the closet, means Gran has gone to the bathroom, American style, i.e, the toilet.

Don't say "closet" in England. It's a wardrobe. In Ireland, you put your underclothing in the "press" (chest of drawers). Don't ask.


No, silly! Im in the closet!

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