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"Ke hele ʻoe i ka lua, e holoi i kou lima i manawa a pau."

Translation:When you go to the bathroom, always wash your hands.

September 14, 2019



I'm really feeling something lacking with the prompts/hints. We're getting entire phrases translated, but I don't understand the structure of each of the words. E.g. "i nā manawa a pau" is "always"? But I don't know how all those words come together to mean always.


As u prolly already kno. sometimes there is no direct translation of certain words. ex. always... so in this case. since hawaiian has no word for "always". the translation kinda sounds like " all the time". manawa = time. a pau = all. "nā" is just a plural a plural article but yeah, my brains is all hemahema too. ua paakiki kela. TSA!


Do "i nā manawa a pau" means all the time and do "mau" means always? I d'ont understand why it's translated like that here :-(


Both terms can be translated as "always," but maybe it would help to think of "i nā manawa a pau" as "every time," and think of "mau" as "continually." So in this sentence, the meaning is more like "Wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom." But I guess DL wanted to use "always" instead of asking you to figure out how to say "every time."

I also noticed in later lessons that my definitions won't always be that helpful. Only sometimes. ʻAʻole i nā manawa a pau. lol E kala mai.


marked wrong but flagged: Always wash your hands when you use the bathroom.


I feel that some of these sentence structures should be able to accept pidgin sentences because in a normal conversation in Hawaii what I said would be completely acceptable since I'm also a native.


What was your answer?


Wen go batroom, mo betta wash hands afta.


raja dat!! das da one. lol


Winna, winna, chicken dinna.

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