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  5. "أَسْكُن في ضَواحي بَغْداد."

"أَسْكُن في ضَواحي بَغْداد."

Translation:I live in the suburbs of Baghdad.

September 14, 2019


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Why is a suburb wrong?

September 14, 2019


Because here, the name ضَواحي = suburb is annexed to بَغْداد = Baghdad, which makes it definite. ضَواحي = "a suburb", but ضَواحي بَغْداد = "the suburb(s) of Baghdad". If you really want to say "a suburb of Baghdad", you have to say إحدى ضَواحي بَغْداد = "one of the suburb(s) of Baghdad" ≃ "a suburb of Baghdad"

September 15, 2019
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