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  5. "The wives are also kind."

"The wives are also kind."

Translation:Uxores quoque benignae sunt.

September 14, 2019



I wrote "Uxores sunt quoque benignae" and was marked incorrect. While i recognize that Latin generally puts the verb at the end, I am uncertain why my version was incorrect.


This course is still in beta. If you think your translation is correct (and after checking that there isn't a typo), report it so the moderators can add it.


Your sentence is not okay, if we consider the "quoque" placement rule.

Quoque should be right after the word it serves to gives emphasis to, so you put the emphasis of "too" on "sunt", and it should be on Uxores.

Uxores quoque benignae sunt.= The wives also are kind. (and not The wives are kind also).

Source for the quoque rule: http://www.dicolatin.com/FR/LAK/0/quoque/index.htm (in French)


I agree, I had to redo it for like, 4 or 5 times. Because it was wrong.


The translation given for "The wives are also kind" is not "Uxores quoque benignae sunt.

I really believe it's a mistake, from reading Latin grammar books and sites.

The wives are also kind = Uxores benignae quoque sunt.

Uxores quoque benignae sunt = The wives also are kind.

You imagine if there was no rule like this, in a language with relatively free word order, and no case to know if "quoque" is related to a word or to another one. How could the Romans know what is the meaning. As, with this kind of sentence, it can't be guessed easily from the context.


I just reported "uxores benignae quoque sunt", I think it is also a correct translation.


All word orders are.
Or almost: "quoque" has to be right after the word it serves to emphasize.



Abiēgnus - ( Fir / Deal ) - From Abiēs - ( Silver Fir ) +‎ -gnus ( Origin )
BenignusBene - ( Well ) +‎ -gnus ( Origin )
MalignusMalus - ( Bad ) +‎ -gnus ( Origin )
PaelignusPaelignīPael +‎ -gnus ( Origin )
Prīvignus - ( Stepson ) - PrīvusPaelex +‎ -gnus ( Origin )


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