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  5. "Magister ei placet."

"Magister ei placet."

Translation:She likes the teacher.

September 14, 2019



The teacher is pleasing her...?


Yes, you're right, in the meaning, I think "She likes the teacher" and "The teachers is pleasing her", are the same thing, in fine.

Why is it "ei" and not "eam"?
Eam would be the accusative. So this verb accept a complement in the dative I guess!

Edit: oh, I see, this verb is considered as intransitive. Now I understand!
As an intransitive, it cannot accept an accusative, but accepts a dative complement. The teacher pleases to her. So, it's like studere...


Youre talking in riddles, this gives me depression


I dont understand, it says ei is he or she, how does this sentence indicate its a she? Is not magister neutral gender? I am so confused and this gives me depression.

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