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  5. "Me in labro lavo."

"Me in labro lavo."

Translation:I wash myself in the tub.

September 14, 2019



In English, it is not necessary to add the "myself." "I wash in the tub" suffices.


I agree, especially when there is an extension to the basic "I wash". However, in the UK the usually response to "I'll wash" is probably "I'll dry" because you'd be doing the dishes! (As opposed to "I'll wash up" from an American, which would be universally misunderstood in the UK. You might get thanked for the offer.)


It may be not necessary in English, and should be accepted without "myself". But I guess it is OK for the first suggested translation to have that word to account for the reflexive pronoun "me".


This is the first question in this exercise which has included a reflexive pronoun in the Latin text, although the translations for all the preceding questions all contain a reflexive pronoun in the English text. When is a reflexive pronoun required in Latin?


What where the other questions?

If they had nos or vos in the Latin then they did have a 'reflexive' (since those two do not differ from the nominative).

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