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"The trip is on which day of January?"

Translation:Aia ka huakaʻi ma ka lā ʻehia o Ianuali?

September 14, 2019



Has anyone noticed the fluctuation between the use of o and 'o?


O by itself is just of.


'O is a marker to say you are talking about someone. Like 'o Lisa is beautiful.


For 'O and Aia sentences, does the clause order matter? For example here, could "The trip is on which day of January?" Be written equivalently as "Aia ka huaka'i ma ka lā 'ehia o Ianuali?" and "Aia ma ka lā 'ehia o Ianuali ka huaka'i?"


Of course you are correct. But be aware that the order is reversed. In Hawaiian, the order shows the emphasis. I feel as if those two parts are emphasized equally in English.


Does the part with emphasis usually go last?

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