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"I am being considerate of my friends."

Translation:Ñuhī raqirossa iotāpten.

September 15, 2019



I am being considerate of my friends

Hen ñuho raqiroti iotapten [incorrect]

^^^Does this one imply: [because] of my friends I am considerate (saying only because one has friends is the only reason of being considerate)

<pre> Versus: </pre>

Ñuhi raqirossa iotapten (correct) My friend I respect (I am being considerate)

This one seems to display the respect of a friendship.

For a discussion, why might the first one be incorrect grammatically.


When you use “hen” with a dative noun, the meaning is indeed “because of” or “thanks to” or “on account of”. It is not that it would be grammatically incorrect to use the preposition that way, but it changes the meaning of the translation. The sentence is, however, grammatically incorrect because you have used the singular form of the possessive adjective to modify a plural noun.


Thank you so much! When reading your answer and voicing aloud what I had written it made much more sense. Arli Kirimvose

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