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  5. "Patroni eorum in foro sunt."

"Patroni eorum in foro sunt."

Translation:Their patrons are in the forum.

September 15, 2019



Curious what a patron is in these lessons. Is it like a sponsor of works, a customer or some kind of boss/owner of slaves?


Clientes had to pay their respects to their patronus every morning, they had to work for him and were expected to vote for him. In exchange the patronus protected them (source: https://www.wikizero.com/en/Patronage_in_ancient_Rome )


In addition to JefDeSmedt's link, in case it's helpful, here's a video on the matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD7Gux8R2DA I'll just add that it's difficult to overstate the importance of the patron-client system in ancient Rome. The Romans had no police system and an army was not allowed in Rome. Policing was done through the patron-client system. (The Italian mafia is rooted in the patron-client system.) Every citizen was connected as a client to someone. You could not dishonor a person without also dishonoring the person's patron. The HBO program Rome does a decent job of presenting the system, e.g., the scene in which Vorenus, after becoming a magistrate (as Caesar's client), receives clients in order, including a fuller who complains about insufficient urine.

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