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"Settings" -> "Nā Koho" or "Mau Koho"?


I am working on translating Telegram into ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi as a way to help normalize the language and boost my own skills. Translating parts of computer programs is proving to be an interesting experience, though, especially because in English we do not typically use definite articles in the user interface. For example, "Contacts," "Groups," "Chats," or "Settings."

Let's focus on "Settings." I determined that "Koho" might be the best word to use here, as it means "option." To pluralize this in as similar a fashion as "Settings," would it be more accurate to use "Nā Koho" or "Mau Koho?" I initially began using "Nā" for these purposes, like in "Nā Kāhea" for "Calls," but I realized that this translates more to "The Calls" or "The Options," which is a bit odd, at least in English. I'm having a hard time finding information about how "mau" is used but I know that it is a plural marker. Currently I'm using it for numbers, like "5 Members" -> "5 Mau Lālā"

Curious to hear peoples' thoughts. If you'd like to help translate Telegram, here is where you can join in! https://translations.telegram.org/hawaiian/

Mahalo nui!

September 15, 2019


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