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Progress in hindi

Reaching about 17000xp in a month i finished the course within 13 day and spent the rest practising. Unfortunately I feel like rounding around with the same words and sentences that allows me to guess, instead of truly learn, through constant repetition. I also regret that, with the actual advance of technology, Duolingo seams unable to provide a tool to speak the language through the microphone or, better, allowing discussions in real time with other participants. I would appreciate to have new words coming with the same constructions. When i look at my settings i find only three new words acquiered. I would also appreciate to be able to learn how to write the devanagiri caracteres. And I do not find any follow up about my comments suggesting that there is no one at the other end of the line but just algorithms.

September 15, 2019



This site teaches how to write devanagari. Very informative, but beware that it teaches the Sanskrit pronunciation! However, if you want to learn to write this is the best source I have found on the internet.



I discovered that the writing is very logical and intuitive. The shortest way is the safest.


https://www.learning-hindi.com/all ----------- This is a great website to continue your Hindi learning process, the Duolingo course is definitely not much more than a good base for the language with which to go study further elsewhere on your own. I would recommend finding people online who speak Hindi, https://www.interpals.net is a FANTASTIC site for this, many of my closest friends are Indian yet we talk every day online, I was able to meet many great people because of this site alone. Chat with them through Whatsapp or Facebook or even ask if they'd like to do regular voice calls so you can get speaking practice. Past that, watching Bollywood movies and listening to Hindi songs is a great way to improve your listening practice, or try to find some podcasts. Happy Hindi learning!!!


Cool Zerenei. Thank you so much.


I tried both. Got lost with the first and could not joint the pals without FB. My email adress is not recognised. Sorry.


Anyway, I am looking forward to spend a few months in India every year. I guess that i will have many opportunities to improve.


When I watch an hindi movie, i need the subtitles in french or english. Would you recommend to watch it slowly without translation ?

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