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Sun and moon letters

there is no explanation about moon letters where you hear the ل in أَل and sun letters in wiche the ل is silenced...

Also the exercises are to pick the right arab translation to the English transliteration - Like: 'aSH-SHams' or 'al-ghurfa'. but it would be much more teaching if we'll have to pick the right transliteration to the text in arabic - does it supposed to be with sounded ل or with silenced ل. like, how you shuld prnaounce الثِّقَة ? ath-thiqah or al-thiqah?

the sun letters are: ﻥ ﻝ ﻅ ﻁ ﺽ ﺹﺵ ﺱ ﺯ ﺭ ﺫ ﺩ ﺙ ﺕ the moon letters are: ه ﻱ ﻭ ﻡ ﻙ ﻕ ﻑ ﻍ ﻉ ﺥ ﺡ ﺝ ﺏ and also ء wich I think is not a real letter

September 15, 2019



I think you mean the opposite way. AL preceeding a word which starts with a sun-letter gives a silent L = As'shams since shiin is a sun-letter. AL preceeding a moon-letter gives a pronounced AL = Al'qamar. Agree?


You are right! my mistake. I'll edit. thanks.

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