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How to recognize my student's real name from their username?

I am trying to see who is working , but I don't know my students username from their real names. Do you have any recommendation for managing my students? I also don't know how to print out my students roster so I can know all their different names and passwords. Is there a video of Doulingo classroom management?

September 15, 2019



Sigh. I tell my students they have to use their real names and their school e-mail. It's too crazy for me to figure out who is "Dank Memes" and who is "It's Ya Boiiiii!" Have them change it. Tell them it's like a no-name paper: If you can't tell to whom it belongs, you can't give credit.

I'm probably going to have to go through this myself this week, because a good percentage of my new first-year students are already using Duolingo. (They heard about me from their friends and wanted to get a head start. Yay! But it's going to complicate my life if they have wacky names...)

Good luck!


I just pass a list of the students through the classroom and ask them to write their duolingo username next to their name. That way they don’t have to use their real name on the website (which I personally think is better), but I know who’s who. I don’t have so many students though, so maybe it makes it easier.

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