"Ele ficaria feliz em ouvir isso."

Translation:He would be happy to hear that.

June 19, 2014

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"Ele ficaria feliz em ouvir isso."

Can I use anything other than "em" here? Does "em" sound the most natural?


Yes, it's the most natural.

Some people use "de".
And "ao" can be used too, as "in the moment that" / "when" I hear that.


It seems that is a questions of use. People say "eu ficaria feliz de ir à sua casa", but rarely "em ir". Don't worry. People will understand you! =)


Obrigado! I think that maybe prepositions will be easier to use when I speak Portuguese more and see how people use prepositions in their speech.


Exactly! It is not a thing you have to focus in the beginning. It will become easier over time! =)


Is seria possible ?


He would be glad to hear that is much more common to say in American English. Why is it wrong?


I translated from Portuguese: "he would be happy hearing about that" and it was marked incorrect. Is it really?


Neste caso a gente usaria o infinitivo ao invés do gerúndio. Às vezes em inglês é difícil escolher entre o infinitivo e o gerúndio.

Eu achei isso em um website que explica de jeito bastante simples:

Gerunds are often used when actions are real, fixed, or completed. "I enjoy cooking."

Infinitives are often used when actions are unreal, abstract, or future: "He wants to swim."

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