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Offline all skill practice

You should add to the mobile app an option to practice all skills in offline mode

April 20, 2013



Sounds like a good idea. A desktop application could work as well but it would require a completely different framework to what is used currently.

[deactivated user]

    I had been working through duoiingo almost exclusively on my mobile and hadn't noticed my skills decaying :) I think this would be a great addition too


    Good Idea I think this should be only added to the iphone app, because most of the time people have wifi with computers.


    I'll be away from internet a lot. Downloadable lessons i could download and submit when around internet would be sweet. No need for a giant learn the whole thing in one program download just a lesson at a time.


    This exists already on the ios version... it automatically downloads the next few lessons. What I offered is a few more general practice offline lessons


    but the problem is that it doesn't save the progress if you do it offline and do not connect to the Internet until you close the app. (kind of that.)


    would like to take new words to flashcards that can be practised offline


    Off line is not available on Android..correct?

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