"Kostōbi Dovaogēdi ēdrusi se gerpī ipradis."

Translation:The powerful Unsullied sleep and eat fruit.

September 15, 2019

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How can you sleep and eat at the same time?


It is plural so some can sleep while others eat the fruit. Also, eating while asleep is 100% possible.


It's more like a daily routine thet is necessary for every Unsullied that wants to be powerful :D


They are so powerful and well trained that they are able to eat while they sleep. Jiorna :)


Why the fruit and not only fruit


This reminds me of the movie "Raising Arizona", during the scene where the two escapes prisoners are robbing a bank and saying to the patrons, "freeze and drop to the floor". The patrons were a bunch of hay-seeds (Farmers). They still stood. The robber repeats The command. One of the farmers says, "Well which one do you want us to do? Freeze or drop to the floor I can't do both."...

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