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  5. "Many boys are students."

"Many boys are students."

Translation:Multi pueri sunt discipuli.

September 15, 2019



Eli5 why its discipuli and not discipulos?


From the Duolingo Latin 'Introduction' notes:

The nominative case is the form of a noun you will find a dictionary. It is used for the subject of a sentences and for predicates following a form of "to be".

The predicate is the second part of a sentence following the "X is Y" pattern.


  • I am a man. -> a man
  • These women are engineers. -> engineers

So here we use discipuli since we are using of sunt, a form of the verb esse ('to be').


This explanation is not clear. Also I have never found the Duolingo Latin. 'Introduction notes. Maybe you could direct me to them? Thank you


You can see all the notes given by Duolingo here (Introduction is the first one): https://duome.eu/tips/en/la

The section Predicate Noun or Adjective at this site may help give a better explanation: http://dcc.dickinson.edu/grammar/latin/agreement-nouns

I view it as being in the nominative with forms of esse (here sunt) because it describes rather than is something that an action is being performed on. The second link should expand on this.


Subject Complement • not affected by any action of the verb, the Complement mirrors the the Subject

Copula Verb • links the Clause Subject to the Subject Complement.

Stative Verb describes a state of being, in contrast to a Dynamic Verb which describes an action.

Duo Latin Intro tips & notes

The sky is blue.
Blue is the sky.

Boys are disciples.
Disciples are boys.


A lingot for the "Eli5". XD


Thank you for posting the notes, the phone app doesn't have them.

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