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  5. "Linguae Latinae studeo."

"Linguae Latinae studeo."

Translation:I study the Latin language.

September 15, 2019



Lingua Gen.linguae Dat.linguae Acc.linguam Voc.lingua Abl.lingua

linguae linguarum linguis linguas linguae linguis


Littera femLinguaLatina fem • • Lingua Latina ( Latine ) • • Latin (langauage)

Case Sing Plural
Nom Littera Latīna Litteræ Latīnæ
Gen Litteræ Latīnæ Litterārum Latīnārum
Dat Litteræ Latīnæ Litterīs Latīnīs
Acc Litteram Latīnam Litterās Latīnās
Abl Litterā Latīnā Litterīs Latīnīs
Voc Littera Latīna Litteræ Latīnæ

StudērePresent Infinitive • To Devote, Dedicate oneself to, To Direct one's efforts or attention to, To Strive after, Attached or Favorable to, To be diligent (in) + Verb Object ( usually ) in Dative Case

Pronoun Singular Pronoun Plural Person
Ego Studeō Nos Studēmus 1st
Tu Studēs Vos Studētis 2nd
Is Ea Id Studet Ei Eae Ea Student 3rd

Dative Case • from Latin [ Cāsus Datīvus - Case for Giving ] • translation from Greek [ δοτικὴ πτῶσις - dotikē ptôsis - inflection for giving - ( δίδωμι - dídōmi - I give ) ] • • Used in IE, Uralic, and other language branches:

It seems (to me) that x ...
Кажется мне что, ...
Whom shall I ask? • [ pose the inquiry (to) whom ]
He wrote her a letter. • [ a letter (to) her ]
She surprised them. • [ surprising to them ]


"I learn Latin" is not ok?


There's a difference in the meaning in English, between "to study" and "to learn", studying is making an effort to try to learn something.

I think discere is more like learning, and studere is more like studying.

If I'm wrong, a latinist will tell us.


Isn't Linguae Latinae plural?


Here it's the dative singular.


Why do we use dative in this positive sentence, but accusative in the negative sentence here? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33860882


Why Dative in "lingua" (linguae) and "littera" (litteris) are different ??


Linguae is dative singular,
litterae is dative singular,
litteris is dative plural.


Should be acusative: linguam Latinam studeo.


In another thread, people have explained that "studeo" actually means "to direct my attention to", and it takes a dative noun as it's object. All of the sentences in this lesson that use studeo/studes/studet are using dative nouns.

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