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  5. "His t-shirt is dirty"

"His t-shirt is dirty"

Translation:Fulana yake ni chafu

September 15, 2019



How come the N isn't at the beginning of the adjective


The adjective prefixes for the N/N class nouns are a bit tricky!

Adjectives starting with b, d, j, g, v and z use the n- prefix (nzuri, ngumu etc.)

Adjectives starting with a vowel take the prefix 'ny-: nyusi, nyingi, etc.

Adjectives starting with b, v or p take the prefix m- (mbaya). But p only if the adjective consists of one syllable. So njia mpya, but njia pana.

Adjectives beginning with other letters take no prefix: hence chafu, tamu

And to add to the fun of learning: there seem to be a lot of exceptions to these rules :) (-wili -> mbili, -refu -> ndefu)


so it has nothing to do with the position in the sentence, but rather its own spelling


it was answered thats fine

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