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"Where is the book?"

September 16, 2019



what is the difference between liber and librum?


"Liber" is nominative singular and "librum" is accusative singular.


What is the difference between Liber and Libri?


Liber can be nominative singular (the book has pages) or vocative singular.

Libri can be nominative plural (the books have pages), vocative plural, or genitive singular (the pages of the book).


I dont understand most of the words you used could you expkain for a normal person who hasent studied languages


Pretty sure the duolingo notes talk about nouns and their cases. Would recommend reading some of those.

The nominative noun case tends to be the subject of the sentence, the 'thing' doing the action or being described.

E.g. John is going to school.

Mary is tall.

The vocative case is for when something or someone is directly addressed.

E.g. John, where are you going?

The genitive case describes another noun, usually see it early to show possession, but can be used in different ways.

E.g. John's book


The book of John.

A crown of gold.

Singular means that there is only one of the person/thing. A book. The book.

Plural means there are more than one (at least two). Books, The books.


Thank you very much!


Thanks a lot, Moopish. That was very helpful. And if I may further ask – I understand that "librum" is the nominative. Tha would make "liber" the... What?


librum is accusative singular.

librum habet -> he/she/it has a book

liber is nominative singular and vocative singular.

liber habet -> the book has (something, who knows).

salve liber -> hello book (just to show the vocative)


Moopish - do you represent Duolingo? I would like access to the grammar aide please. Often the different ways of saying a noun is indicated, but the case it refers to isn't there or have I missed that information?


I am just a user of Duolingo.

You can go through the notes the courses uses here: https://duome.eu/tips/en/la


If you are using the app, there are some thingsbin the Latin course that you can only access by opening duolingo in the browser.


Thanks moopish that helped me alot


Are libro and liber the same?


No, libro is ablative singular of liber.


Or dative singular

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