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Duolingo turns two today!

We launched the Duolingo website two years ago at 10:08am EST. It was supposed to be at 10:00am -- lots of people were waiting -- but Tony, Vicki and Severin were still making last minute changes. And then Ryan wanted to change the background color of the whole site. But in the end it worked out, and we were only 8 minutes late :) We couldn't believe we had a whopping 17,000 users that first day.

A lot has happened since then:

Thanks for all of your support! We are spreading free language education together.

June 19, 2014



30 million users give a hoot about this. I really like the staff picture, very cute :)


I can only recognize Luis from this image, and I think that the tall blond women with the blue dress in the bottom row is Myra, but I'm not sure, can someone indetify them all?

I think Mukkapazza is the second one (left to right) on the bottom row.

Alt text.


I wonder who can juggle like that. It's so cool O.O

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Seems to be David Klionsky!



Which one's the graphic designer? Because he/she is amazing! Love the picture!


I think severin's next to luis.


Myra is the one in the mustard colored shirt, next to the juggler. I've had it confirmed. ^^
I think the one in the blue dress could be Gina, Gina's tall'ish... but not that tall, so I think Gina is next to Luis and Severin, being a press officer and all :P


Kristinemc is the one in the lavender, bottom row, I think. :)

Second from left (top): Severin Hacker

Second from right (top): Tyler Murphy?

Third from left (bottom): Caitlin Lownes?


Wait, I can't see the image though! T_T

EDIT: I can see it now. I also found it on Twitter xD
EDIT2: Thank you! My browser really needed that. Turns out it had a big update it wanted to make because I never shut my browser lol.


Better restart your browser! :)


When in doubt, shut it out. ;)


That's what I thought! It looks a lot like her profile picture.


The others are harder, as I'm not familiar with most of them yet. Time to study. :)

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All Confirmed :)

Top row:
1st from left: Luis von Ahn.
2nd from left: Severin Hacker.
3rd from left: Beth Morris.
4th from left: Gregory Hartman.
5th from left: Tyler Murphy.
6th from left: Sean Chin.
7th from left: Denis Meinert.
8th from left: Alicia Ledden.
8th from right: Rémy Marechal.
7th from right: Myra Awodey.
6th from right: David Klionsky.
5th from right: Tony Navas.
4th from right: Karin Tsai.
3rd from right: Vicki Cheung.
2nd from right: Hector Villafuerte.
1st from right: Burr Settles.

Bottom row:
1st from left: Pamela Cardona.
2nd from left: Monica Raffaelli.
3rd from left: Kerley Tolpolar.
4th from left: Marcela Benitez.
5th from left: Kristine Michelsen-Correa.
6th from left: Rogelio Alvarez.
7th from left: Gina Gotthilf.
8th from left: Antonia Scheidel.
8th from right: Max Putas.
7th from right: Brendan Meeder.
6th from right: David Andrews.
5th from right: Franklin Ditzler.
4th from right: Art Chaidarun.
3rd from right: Caitlin Lownes.
2nd from right: Brooke Chan.
1st from right: Matt Streeter.



你怎么那么清楚? lol


Thank you soo much. Do you know who is working in the duolingo store?


congratulations duolingo


Happy birthday Duo! Congratulations to the team!


olimo!!!!! Happy Duoversary to you too :) Hope all is well!


How's that little one doing????


That's a lot of milestones right there!
Congratulations with the duoversary and thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to keep refreshing, complementing and improving my language knowledge! (:


Happy Duoversary to Luis and the team! I only joined a couple of weeks ago and I am already hooked! It has been a great tool and I hope it continues to be as I progress.

I am using it to learn a few languages so that I can communicate with my patients, especially in Spanish and French as I hope to join Médecins Sans Frontières at some point after I graduate and hopefully Duolingo will be a big part of that, communication is such an important tool when someone is ill or in distress so thanks Duolingo!


Gracias a ustedes por todo lo que nos han regalado, simplemente ha sido una idea genial. Espero que muy pronto vea nuevas características para PC.

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Happy birthday, Duolingo! I'll continue to contribute my knowledge of Chinese here! Love you!



I'd like to improve my chinese ! Do you know when it could be launched ? (From english or french)

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No one knows yet. We'll start working on the reverse course after our English course for Chinese speakers enters Phase 3. Check the incubator often and stay tuned!



Thank you for the answer ! I'll check it ;)


I'm also looking forward to the traditional Chinese version. =)


¡Felicitaciones! I love this site, and can't wait to see all that you have in store for language education in the future!

I have learned more in nearly two months here than in months of formal teaching, and it's all for free. Thank you for this great idea, Luis. Here's to many more!


Muchas gracias ;) duolingo


Happy Duoversary!!!, This was a great idea to help us to learn languages, I only can say Thanks Duo!!


I would have sworn that I used Duolingo for four years.


Wow. I can't believe how much I've missed :( I've been here since late April 2014 (at the earliest, on another account) and I really wish I was able to see all of this. 4 million the first year. 30 million the second year. That's basically 7 and 1/2 times the amount from the previous year! Surpasses Rosetta Stone (totally not worth it, heard it just threw vocabulary words at you) in Google searches. Won "iPhone app of the Year" during its second year (an impressive feat). Wins "Best Educational Startup at the 2014 Crunchies (same year). And with a team of only 32 employees! All in 2 years... just amazing. Duolingo team, you have really worked so hard to get all this recognition. And 30 million! Think of it as 30 thousand thousand people who signed up for free language education! Thanks a bunch, Duolingo team, for making free language education around the world more accessible to everyone. Happy #duoversary!


A proud day for Duolingo team and a proud day for All Duolingoers! It was nice to see the timeline.


felix dies natalis tibi sit, duolingo ! ad multos annos ! - the only two year old I know who speaks so many languages so well


Thank you once again for everything!


Bene! The best, most helpful language learning site and app I have come across!


สุขสันต์วันเกิดนะ Duolingo!! :) ขอบคุณมากด้วย :D


Muchas gracias y felicidades. Thank you a lot and congratulations Muito obrigados e parabéns


Congratulation, Luis! Your work has made a huge difference in the lives of so many people :)


Happy birthday Duo, it’s been wonderful learning from you! As long as your teaching, I don't think I'll ever stop learning. May you have, many, many more birthdays!


Congratulations. Thank you so much for all you guys do. you have no idea how much Duolingo has changed my life and continues to do so. Vous m'inspirez


Happy Birthday Duolingo! What an amazing journey you have been on in the last two years. It's amazing to see how the site has grown and expanded. Congratulations to the whole team :) I really can't wait to see how Duolingo improves and expands even more over the next few years!


Feliĉan naskiĝtagon. ;-)


You all are awesome! Thank you very, very much!


Danke schön, Duolingo! I have been here since 3rd March 2013, and learning German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and will soon be improving my Irish (and hopefully learning Maltese soon!). So vielen dank' für alles, Duolingo - but just one thing - why isn't 'StrapsOption joins Duolingo' marked on the timeline for 3rd March 2013? †

† Ich scherze!

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Congratulations on 2 years! I still send people to your TEDxCMU talk because it does such a great job of framing the questions that motivate my work as well, and it was a pleasure to see that (and your Show & Tell presentations) live. It's great to see where it's come since then, and there's still a lot of room left to grow!


"It's great to see where it's come since then"

I would absolutely second that! It will be good to know about your work too!


Gefeliciteerd! (congratulations!) I just joined Duolingo and I love it. Improving my German and learning Spanish. Duolingo is just awesome.


Happy birthday Duo! =)


I consider myself a duolingo original, but looking back at all of this old stuff, I suddenly feel extremely insignificant xD.


Congratulations to the entire team! Keep doing a great job. We are all "hoooting" for you! :D


Teşekkürler Luis! - Happy birthday, Duolingo!


Happy Anniversary! :D


Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho que vocês tem feito, a DUOLINGO é sem dúvida atualmente a melhor empresa para aprendizado de língua estrangeira. Continue assim!


2 years now? Impossible! That was too quick :)

Je dois vous remercier pour votre site web! Je ne suis pas parfait mais avec l'aide du duolingo et sa communauté j'ai appris assez français pour faire le bac! J'espere toujour pour l'opportunité de parler le français. Quand on ira en france cet ete je parlerai tout le temps!

He mejorado mi espanol y ahora puedo charlar y hacer bromas. Hice un intercambio con espana y gracias a ti, yo pude disfrutar de la vida, sabiendo que pude hablar bien el Espanol. Encontré la gente que fue asombrado de mi abilidad en el idioma. Siempre estuve hablando el Espanol (y mis discursos estuvieron llenos de errors pero) cada persona me pudo entender!

Asi, hace falta declarar que duolingo es simplemente el mejor sitio de internet para aprender las lenguas y como las lenguas te dan tanto confianza, experiencia, inteligencia y sentido en la vida, aqui estamos aprendiendo por la vida

Ta orm deir go bhfuil is fearr broduil me!

Finally a chance to learn what should be my native tongue! Go raibh mile maith agaibh agus is athas orm mar chonaic me "an gcursa gaeilge" sa pictuir ón goradáin (The pic from the incubator!)

So now thanks to duolingo the world has many more aspiring polyglots, aiming to learn for work, holidays, willingness to preserve cultures, improve their minds, making them want to get out more and live life through language. Still full of errors but who wants perfection? Now I feel I still have loads more to go, a reason to keep going and its good!!!

Gracias, danke schoun, merci, go raibh mile, grazie, obrigado, ačiū,labai and thanks loads. Gratias tibi ago.

And one big happy birthday




I can read 2 languages English and Spanish. Though there is no Arabic... So I will write it: عيد ميلاد سعيد !


Yes Vsetko najlepsie :) Is my language Slovakian :)


I joined December 2013. I <3 Duolingo!


I have tried many websites for learning a foreign language before and I could say with no doubt that Duolingo is different and better than all other, a real treasure!!! Muchas gracias Duolingo :)


Happy Birthday! I wish I got you all a present.


Happy birthday Duolingo! Congratulations !!


feliz aniversario!


¡Muchas Felicidades! Gracias a Duolingo tengo la oportunidad de aprender inglés y alemán, esperando ansiosamente aprender japonés y coreano también en este asombroso sitio.


Happy Birthday Lingo ! You are the best ! :) Hooray !:)


Hapy B'day Duo................................ :)


Спасибо за возможность учиться! С Днём рождения!!!/ Thank you for an opportunity to study. Happy Birthday!!!


Great job Duo Team! I've been learning Portuguese and I think you have been a great help!


Happy Birthday and thank you so much. You are all wonderful and I appreciate your efforts. It has been wonderful to use this fabulous site. I can see the improvements in the 6 months that I have been using it. Thanks again so much.


The prelaunch duo is really freaking me out.


It should be called "Polylingo", since almost everybody I see here is learning 3+ languages!


time really flies. Impossible almost 2 years have passed since I signed up in december 2012. :) Duolingo really improved constantly ever since.


Duo is turning 8. And still going! 300+million users is something to be proud of. Congrats, Duo!


La multi ani inainte!!! cu noi realizari frumoase...


i like to learn in duolingo


Thank you for creating this site. It helps a lot and it is really motivating. Gracias por crear esta web. Ayuda mucho al aprendizaje de idiomas y motiva. Danke für alles (German is my target language =) )


c'est un site d'apprentissage des langues développés j'ai trouver tous se que je veut. beaucoup d'information bien traiter .bonne continuation


grand felicitations duolingo!!!!!


Feliz Cumpleaños!!! And thank you very much for this site!


Great language learning site... .... (Y)


grazie a voi, so parlare italiano!


Congratulations!!!!! Continue the successes


I´m so happy of doing part this game that I like very much, I can only thank


Bon anniversaire, Duolingo !   Félicitations !


Felicitaciones!!! parabéns !!!!


Congratulations and thank you duolingo! I'm a Hungarian retired, and now learning English.


félicitations! ¡felicidades! congratulations! & a big thank you for what has probably been the most entertaining learning experience of my life, thus far. signed, a penguin (apparently!)


Happy Birthday Duolingo! :)


The timeline is not completely correct, the 3rd and 9th of october 2013 should be switched. For the rest, I really enjoy spending time on duolingo despite the critics and eagerness of a lot of people on the forum for making improvements too slowly. Just keep the steady peace (Y)


Happy Douversary!!! And thanks for giving life to Duolingo.


DUOMAZING! Great job everyone who created Duolingo! Happy Duoversary!


Thanks Duolingo for being a great and free languages app!


A Duolingo solo le quiero decir: ¡Gracias! ¡Thank You! ¡Obrigado! ¡Merci! ¡Danke!


Happy birthday Duolingo! I have enjoyed my journey very much and look forward to continued learning with you. Thank you for all that you do!


Thanks to 32 employees that make this possible :3 i love Duolingo! Really the best app ever!! Like a game and app of study! :D muchas Gracias Duolingo, es una app que nunca debe faltar en mi celular :D y de verdad aprecio mucho que la sea gratis :3 <3 i love Duolingo!


congratulations duolingo


Buon compleanno, Duolingo!


Happy birthday! You guys are awesome!


Merry Birthday Duolingo!


¡Felicidades DuoEquipo! descubrí Duolingo hace poco pero gracias a ustedes puedo aprender gratuitamente Francés y Portugués.

Thanks for this amaizing learning tool called Duolingo, and happy Duoversary!


Happy Birthday!


Ευχαριστούμε πολύ! (merci beaucoup)


Happy Birthday duolingo!!!


Happy Duovsary!

I've been using Duolingo for a little more than a half year. I regret not having know Duolingo earlier, so I try to introduce Duolingo to more people, including my mum. It's great to see Duolingo make the world a better place where people could communicate a lot easier.

Please keep the good job and I'm looking forward to the next two, five, ten years with Duolingo!


Parabéns Duolingo, e muito obrigado por tudo.


Gratulerer så mye med toårsdagen :) /Buon compleanno :)


Mailgayang Bati/ Maligayang Kaarawan Duolingo! (Tagalog)


Gelukkige Verjaarsdag! stuur 'n boksie vol lekkerye na die groen uiltjie


Guten tag! I'm learning German, too! I don't know much though.


wow. just happen to read this on yahoo as "one of the websites that makes you smarter."


Gracias, DuoLingo. Me ayudas aprender español.

Espero que dures para siempre y ayudes mucha gente saber idiomas por libre.


Happy Birthday Duo.


Yeayy! Much love for the founder and the employees:)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Duolingo! Cumpleaños a ti! יום הולדת שמח! I hope you will find a way to add languages. I know it's built on a translate the web model and demand is not high for the other languages... but it will be. :) LOVE - Lalipd


Feliz cumpleanos, Duolingo! Me encanta este sitio web. ^^


It's amazing how much the community has grown in such a fast pace


¡Te amo, Duolingo!


gran aplicacion felicitaciones


Happy Birthday Duolingo! Congratulations for an amazing app. You made Earth a better place to live in and easier to understand:)


A happy birthday!!! (Though one day late!) But dang, 30 million users! That is crazy!


Happy Birthday Lovely Duolingo! thanks to the lovely team and community for this great program, and thanks to Luiz for making this happen. This is how "Great" history is made! well well-done & happy birthday : )


How did you ever get 17,000 users on the first day? (I'm not into marketing, obviously!!)


I was here with the old owl design. :) party


Thanks a lot for a very useful application. I am starting learning Spanish on this application and I believe that I will learn more languages. I hope I know this app earlier.


Happy birthday Duo! Congratulations to the team!


Happy Birthday to you and thanks so much for this chance to learn a new language.


Happy Birthday Duolingo!!!


Wow! I only got on yesterday but I've learned more German than a month on a different app. And it's fun, too!


i feel like i learn it faster too.


Can I coin the term Duoversity? It just hit me, reading this story in the WSJ while waiting for family at the airport in Des Moines, about this Venezuelan entrepreneur whom created Open English, and is making a lot of money, and planning to launch an online university. Once proved to the world that you can teach and learn any language "for free", why not doing the same with formal courses in different fields? We can reach the sky some times. The university of the future is Duoversity! http://online.wsj.com/articles/online-school-has-100-000-students-one-subject-1403050947


@jorma1998b I love when people creatively link words to Duolingo. This is the first time I've heard of "Duoversity". It now joins the list I'm keeping in my head:

EDIT: I'm sad to be the bearer of such news to you: First time "Duoversity" showed up on Duolingo, coined by user Atanaa.) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2051755

  • Duolingoer--A Duolingo user
  • Duolingoter--A Duolingo user who gives away a lot of lingots (??)
  • Duoredditor--A Duolingo user who is also involved in the Duolingo reddit (I'm not sure if this is any user or just the D.R. moderators.)
  • Duoversary--Duolingo's 2nd birthday (though, I wonder if people will use it to mark the passing of each year regardless)
  • Duowikian--A Duolingo user who is an editor at the Duolingo wiki. and now Duoversity! :D


Only two? 30 million users is alot for only two years


Happy Birthday Duolingo!


Muito obrigado Duolingo! feliz aniversário


Thank you so much DuoLingo team for being so amazing and bringing this website into existence! May Duo be around for many, many years to come!


Happy Birthday Duolingo!


Barely a week into learning Spanish and I am seduced, addicted and thrilled to be learning so much so quickly! Happy Birthday and many cheers for an incredible service!!


Thank-you for all your help... thanks to you, 30 million people are learning many new languages!! This really helped me get far in Spanish and Italian this year!


Duolingo thanks a lot. You guys are helping me out to learn Spanish and soon Dutch. You guys rock!!!

Greetings all the way from Brazil. ;)


wooooowo Duolingo you can do more and more, go on.


"End of 2014: Duolingo launches Windows Phone App" I hope to see it!


thank duolingo


Guys, you're awesome! Congrats!


축하드립니다! 저도 언젠가 이렇게 가치있는 일에 열정을 불태워 보고 싶습니다. 많은 생각을 하게 하는 프로그램을 만들어 주셔서 감사드려요.


Duolingo is amazing! I can't thank you enough for a chance to learn Irish and French for free!


Top marks to the producing team at Duolingo!! Well done!!! Jayant krishnan


Duolingo changes very fast! It's impossible :)


Exciting ! Great ! Thanks for all of you.


Very interesting! You should update this more often


Duolingo was born the day before my birthday! Pretty cool! Let's celebrate together.lol



J'adore Duolingo. I've always said learning should be fun, and it's free too!


Wow. Duolingo has been through a lot.


Pretty soon you guys and girls will be turning 3! Wow! :) Just passing your toddler years and as they say "the toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development" (wiki). In that sense, you are a perfect toddler any mom would be so proud to have! :) It would be nice if you could update the previous timeline, I am sure a lot has happened in these past 12 months! :) I strongly believe that "knowledge is the only treasure that increases on sharing". Thank you so much for being an online treasure for almost three years!


wo xihuan peng you!


(Sorry for of topic comment, but this is important, but I can't get Duolingo's attention on these for months now)

This is official post https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/10727793 to get votes for English for Georgian speakers course.

700+ votes from that post are gone, https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25398737 and Doulingo hasn't fixed this.

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