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  5. "The children run and I walk."

"The children run and I walk."

Translation:qet puqpu' 'ej jIyIt.

September 16, 2019



Why it's 'qet' not 'chaqet'?

September 16, 2019


Quick answer is that there is no verb/prefix combination chaqet. {qet} the verb means to run. Apparently in Klingon running is only something someone does, it does not seem to even take a destination as an object. So that it can only take prefix forms that agree there is no object.

{jIqet} "I run"
{bIqet} "you run" (only one runner)
{Suqet} "you run" (more than one runner)
{maqet} "we run"
For he/she/it/they run, there is no prefix.
{qet be'} "the woman runs",
{qet puqpu'} "the children run"

See the first column of the prefix table:

September 16, 2019


Unless, of course, you're using -moH, in which case it can use prefixes that agree with an object.

choqetmoH You make me run.

reqetmoH We make you (plural) run.


September 16, 2019
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